Been locked out of my own blog for the last two weeks, ┬áso just bring things up to speed…

Last weekend was a bit of a wash. Was half way out to Wicklow with Steve and Ailish on Saturday before it started raining and we bailed for Awesome Walls.

On Sunday myself and Steve popped out to Ayton’s Cave, but the sea was too rough, and I got soaked…

I ended up nipping out to the Scalp that evening for a few hours, and found a cool 7c boulder that is pretty perfect to have as a bit of a long term project. Cool problem, half an hour from work, safe landing. It’s called Primer.

I got out on Tuesday after work, but it was a bit warm and still. I’m keen to see what it feels like some evening with good conditions.

Finally, myself and Piaras are just in the door from Glendo. Didn’t think it was possible, but I got even more done than I did two weeks ago. Piaras managed to get loads done too. More on that soon. Stay tuned ;-)

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