So I was hoping to get up to either Fair Head or the Mournes this weekend. A few days of trad climbing where I’m not repeating routes for the hundreth time sounds so appealing.

But Cormac is tempted by talk of a meet, and it seems it’s off to Ailladie this weekend. Not ideal…

That said, it could be a good weekend. When I think about it, I havn’t had a weekend out there since before Ceuse. That’s fucking ages. I think I’m a good bit stronger, especially with the last 5 weeks of proper training at Awesome walls. So I’m going to try push myself.


Prism Sentence (E5 6a, 6b). Glanced at it a few times. Think it’s time I got on it. I think there’s mention of it being a bit bold in the guide, but on the wiki it reads  ”Good protection”. Think I’ll go with that. :-)

There’s also Forbidden Kink (E6 6c) which is something I’ve been considering trying to flash (we always ab right down it) for a while now. So why not. :-)

There’s a few other things I might look at if I’m going well. Been so long since I’ve been climbing routes, so I could be absolutely shit. Anywho, that’s pretty much it. Mournes will have to wait for the following weekend.

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