So it was a bit of a strange bank holiday.

Myself and Cormac, like many people it would seem, go pulled west on Friday. Talk of both a Burren and Donegal meet. Looking at the forecast on Friday, it was clear the weather was going to be better in the East, so honestly, I’m not sure what everyone was thinking.

Anyway, after warming up at Ailladie on Saturday morning, the rains came, and jokes about heading back to Dublin soon because concrete plans. A lot of driving and money spent on petrol for nothing. That pretty much sums up Saturday.

Sunday was spent at Glendo. I invested some time in 2.4 Pascals (7b+), finding my sequence, and doing the problem in two halves. Afterwards I did the same on Afro Left (7a), but at this stage I was too wrecked to link it. We were ready to call it a day then, but the Marnanes showed up (back from Ailladie too), which led to another while spent trying Super Stars (7a+), with everyone but me managing to get up the bloody thing.

After that, my body started telling me it had had enough. My back started feeling a bit fucked, and I retreated home to try get some rest and recover.

I woke the next day feeling worse. All the muscles in my back were super stiff and my biceps and elbows were sore from working Pascals. Don’t think I’d every felt so trashed before. It was gorgeous out though, so we decided an easy day climbing in Dalkey was a good call.

So Monday was a few easy leads, lunch with some beers, and a long time spent lying in the sun. Cormac got on some E2s I don’t know the name of, while I did The Shield, Ghost Slab and Gargoyles Grove Direct. First time I’ve climbed in Dalkey, bar one horrible winters day with Steve, and it wasn’t too bad. :-)

That was pretty much it. For some reason I went to a comp in Gravity on Tuesday, still feeling totally shattered, so I’m finally having a bit of a rest day today. Didn’t do too badly though. Feeling like the training I’m doing these days is beginning to pay off.

Anyway, to sum up, I won’t been seen anywhere near Ailladie any time soon.



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